Good design takes time:

We don’t use off the rack designs and language to do either. Above all custom design is the name of our game. We can take any template with the features you need and give it the style that you desire. Working within existing frameworks like WordPress to give your business the best forward facing presence. Finally the webforms, sliders, buttons, galleries and all their feature friendly friends play nice with our technical expertise, and they now all look good too.

Great design needs your input:

We take the time to get to know what you are looking for so there shouldn’t be any issues with tone and feel. We want to be able to build content into your site that sounds like YOU, not us. Your clients don’t want to hear from the people you paid to build a website, they want to hear from you. Through careful design and an attention to detail we will craft an image and a tone that resonates throughout your site. You will be able to pick up creating content and there won’t be a shift in tone after we give you the keys.

Another of the biggest problems facing we see facing the web and graphic design field at large is the lack of understanding. Clients don’t know exactly what they need, yet they know what they like. We might not know what you like at first, but we know how to make it work. Above all the key to making this relationship work is communication. The design team here is responsible for making those distinctions easier to understand.

Copy is either right or wrong

Design and copy go hand in hand. If your content is lagging please let us help. Design and content of all types need to work in concert to bring beautiful music to your eyes. You want the design and content to compliment each other. They need to walk down the street hand in hand, and not as driven by cliches as this sentence was. You are the subject matter expert, it is your business, we just need to give you the box to stand on to get the word out. And the boxes we hand out are beautiful.

We work with our clients directly and throughout the whole process. There are no surprises. You know what you want, and we know how to get there. Sloppy work bothers me. Slipshod design and lack of attention to detail drive me nuts. We want to be able to include every site and logo we produce into our portfolio. You know who would look really good in there? You would, right after we’re done with you!