Breath in art, and breath out design

We live and breath design, working with both traditional mediums like watercolors, and the latest in responsive web design. It may seem like a tagline, but what does it really mean? Flexibility in design, means working with whatever tools fit the job. We build the experiences our customers are looking for with those tools. We have created acrylic paintings, watercolors, charcoal sketches, and chalk concept pieces to find the look and feel that our clients need. Did you know that most of the logos designed for Puzzle Piece Production’s other properties like the CaffiNation Podcast were done with sidewalk chalk while playing with my kids?

Coffee and Design: Custom means quality

How do you breathe life into design? Whatever format your ideas come in, a napkin at a restaurant, a scribble on a receipt or an elaborate spreadsheet of concepts,¬†likes and dislikes. We can and will work with your vision to pull it out of you. A good designer does just that, We aren’t making our ideas come to life, we are working with you to create ‘The Idea’ that fits you. You may get asked questions in the design review process like, ‘How would you describe your company in 3 adjectives?’ ‘Are there any colors you like, or want to stay away from?’ ‘What is the long term goal for this company, where did you want to take it?’ All of these might seem fluffy cloud questions, but if your logo can’t stand up to the creative vision you have for your company why spend the money on it. If your website can’t handle growth then you have shorted yourself

The right fit: advice on workflow and honesty in design

We take on projects from large posters to small ads, giving both the same level of care. We find the designs that fit your needs. If you were to ask us a few years ago how we pick jobs we would answer that it’s all referral and word of mouth, that is still true today. Chances are if you are reading this you heard about us via referral. We take care to make sure that people who work with us want to do so again. We educate our customers, in true Teach-a-man-to-fish cliche form. If you don’t understand what we are doing and why then we haven’t done our job presenting the work to you.

The real test of your designer is whether they can produce the design you need. Not just the design you ask for. The give and take between the two is where the real magic happens. If a client steadfastly believes one thing and the designer won’t budge then the project will fail. The same is true in reverse. We do our best to support all creative differences and suggestions with real world examples. We can show you a mistake in the world around us to explain why requests are not always followed to the letter. And work to be as open minded as possible to any and all critique of our work.